noby architects is made up of Nellie O'Keeffe and Brent Yttrup. 

Partners in life and business, Nellie and Brent’s architecture practice has become the one stable creative ‘vehicle’ in their lives.

With 2 active boys, it became apparent early on in their parenthood that both working in ‘Corporate jobs’ wasn’t going to work. But who pursues a career and who keeps our passion for beautiful, functional architecture and a love for fine detailing and materials burning strong…why not take it in turns?


Whilst this rotating career path caused some concern with Brent and Nellie to start with and how it would be perceived in the industry and with potential Clients, they found the lessons from both sides actually complimented and assist each other during the different phases.

The flow from sole practitioner to working in or managing large teams keeps things fresh and allows perspectives from the big corporate world and finely detailed world of bespoke architecture to cross-pollinate and thrive.